Project sample: Book Trailers

Click the links to view these excellent books on Amazon, more details on the original music tracks I created can be found on an upcoming post.

The goal for the project was to create simple book trailers for three of the client’s books to enhance their Amazon listings. I also challenged myself to create original background music for each one, each with a different style.

This first book trailer was a bit difficult, due to FotoMagico, the application I used to produce the video. Images would randomly disappear and getting the timing right was overly convoluted and buggy. When I was done, I found I couldn’t even make changes to the project after saving. The end result was close to what I was trying to do, but it took way too long to get there.

Made with FotoMagico

Jump-Start Guide for Independent Publishing

For the second trailer I went in a simpler direction. I had learned that Amazon’s video area was tiny and not resizable, so the words had to be much bigger. Sticking to a basic style emphasized the content better. Pinnacle Pro turned out to be a much better creation tool without any unpleasant surprises.

Made with Pinnacle Pro

Jump-Start Guide for a Start-Up Online Business


What's Next

Since completing these projects I have learned more detailed applications that would get better results for similar projects for greater control and quality.

I made this one twice as long since it was a longer book and so I could add some depth to the trailer. A slower, thoughtful cadence matches the reflective nature of the book.

Made with Pinnacle Pro

Be Still Moments: A Collection of Writings and Devotionals