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Book Trailers

Hit the links to view the books on Amazon, more details on the original music tracks on the Sound page.

This first book trailer was difficult, due to FotoMagico. Images would disappear and getting the timing right was overly convoluted and buggy. I couldn’t even make changes to the project after saving. The end result was close to what I was trying to do, but it took way too long to get there.

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Jump-Start Guide for Independent Publishing

For the second trailer I went in a simpler direction. I had learned that Amazon’s video area is tiny and not resizable, so the words had to be much bigger. Sticking to a basic style emphasized the content better.

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Jump-Start Guide for a Start-Up Online Business


What's Next

Currently I am learning how to use Adobe After Effects to get better results on similar projects for greater control and quality.

I made this one twice as long since it was a full book and so I could add some depth to the trailer. A slower, thoughtful cadence matches the reflective nature of the book.

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Be Still Moments: A Collection of Writings and Devotionals