Be Still Moments Audiobook Editing

The client’s audiobook was previously engineered, but left with several glaring errors. They could not be tracked down, so the client was looking at either re-recording the whole project or editing the issues enough to have a product to sell without embarrassing mistakes, which included bad phrasing, repeated lines, whole chapters read out of order, and sections that were edited later that sounded like they were recorded in a different room.

I was able to correct all of the mistakes, even the ones that initially didn’t seem fixable. I also formatted all of the spacing and formatting to ACX standards. Plus I was able to add value by recording an outro, reducing background noise, and remastering the audio. Then I went on to create a short book trailer that mixed audio lines from the book with visuals and some original music.


Fine Editing

Selection from an entire chapter that was full of awkward pauses and repeated phrases. Notice how my new version not only sounds natural, but also has a cleaner overall sound.


I listened through the book and found several of these sections where the original producers re-recorded errors, but it obviously was done at a different time. Maybe even with a different setup. With some careful editing in Logic I was able to make every punch-in unnoticeable.


Another One

Here’s another more subtle re-recorded section. The tone was inconsistent between all the chapters and re-edits. My goal was to remaster the project so that the tone was consistent throughout the whole book.

Bonus Outro, Recorded Right

Here’s the bonus outro I recorded in the studio.